Validus Pharmaceuticals Now Exclusively Marketing Six Established U.S. Product Lines Purchased from a Leading Healthcare Company


Move Expands Variety of Medical Markets Served by Growing Company

Parsippany, NJ / November 1, 2012 – Validus Pharmaceuticals together with Wood Creek Capital Management, LLC announced today  the acquisition of the U.S. rights to six well-known product lines from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC): Lopressor® (metoprolol tartrate USP) but excluding Lopressor (metoprolol tartrate) Injection, Lopressor® HCT (metoprolol tartrate USP + hydrochlorothiazide USP), Lotensin® (benazepril HCl), Lotensin HCT® (benazepril HCl + hydrochlorothiazide USP), Parlodel® (bromocriptine mesylate USP) and Methergine® (methylergonovine maleate).

Wood Creek Capital Management acquired the NPC products on August 29, 2012 through a new company, US Pharmaceuticals Holdings I LLC. Validus Pharmaceuticals will serve as the exclusive manager for the ex-NPC lines. These products present Validus with opportunities to generate sales in several new therapeutic markets and represent a significant growth catalyst for the company.

“The management and marketing of these significant new product lines fulfills a major step in Validus Pharmaceuticals’ strategic plan for continued growth”, commented James Hunter, Validus CEO. “The company’s life-cycle plan had called for the timely expansion of product offerings beyond our successful Central Nervous System and Renal product lines. Adding these Novartis-developed medications immediately enables Validus to serve additional large and growing markets, particularly Cardiovascular Health.”

“The acquisition of U.S. rights to these Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation products illustrates our belief in and commitment to the mature branded pharmaceuticals market”, says Brett Hellerman, Wood Creek CEO.  “This is another in a series of successful transactions completed with large pharmaceutical companies that demonstrates we are good deal partners.  We are excited about the potential for our strategy.”

As manufacturing of these products transitions to Validus, the company is working rapidly in order to assure both physicians and patients of a continued product supply under their label. Validus will be communicating directly with distributors and prescribing physicians regarding the availability of all these products.

About Validus Pharmaceuticals

Validus Pharmaceuticals LLC is a Parsippany, New Jersey-based specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the acquisition, reformulation, and marketing of FDA-approved prescription products that satisfy unmet clinical needs.  To fulfill this mission, Validus seeks out and acquires marketed products that have well established safety profiles as well as significant clinical benefits.

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About Wood Creek Capital Management, LLC

Wood Creek Capital Management is an investment manager at the forefront of private assets investing.  Headquartered in New Haven, CT Wood Creek has $930 million of committed capital under management as of June 30, 2012.  Wood Creek is a leading investor in intangible assets including pharmaceutical brands.

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Validus Pharmaceuticals Deploys Veeva iRep to US Salesforce


New iPad CRM Solution Opens Doors with Physicians

PLEASANTON, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Validus has joined the pharmaceutical iPad revolution by deploying iRep from Veeva Systems to their US sales teams. The organization, which acquires, reformulates, and markets prescription products relevant to the psychiatry market, had been using a CRM system that ran on PDAs and could not accurately report on all sales activity data. In just five weeks, iRep was deployed to a fully trained staff that reports that the ease of use has them hooked. More importantly, sales reps have reported that walking into a physician’s office with an iPad for information sharing is piquing interest with doctors.

Richard Post, vice president sales and marketing at Validus, stated, “We’re seeing that with iRep running on the iPad, doctors are willing to listen to the message and interact more. In several cases, we’ve even seen that they are more easily opening their doors.”

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Square 1 Bank Announces $6 Million Credit Facility to Validus Pharmaceuticals LLC


Square 1 Bank Announces $6 Million Credit Facility to Validus Pharmaceuticals LLC

Square 1 Bank, the exclusive banking partner to entrepreneurs and the venture capital community, proudly announces the extension of a $6 million senior facility to Validus Pharmaceuticals LLC.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Square 1 Bank proudly announces the extension of a $6 million senior facility to Validus Pharmaceuticals LLC, a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the acquisition and commercialization of effective branded and underutilized products in specialty therapeutic areas. Based in Parsippany, NJ, Validus’ product portfolio currently consists of Marplan®, Equetro®, and Rocaltrol®.
“We were impressed with Square 1’s commitment to the relationship,” stated Validus’ CEO, James Hunter. “They truly understood our unique position in the marketplace and provided the flexibility needed for our company’s growth needs.”

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Ranbaxy Launches Authorized Generic Version of Rocaltrol


Agreement with Validus Pharmaceuticals to Market and Distribute Multiple Formulations in the U.S. Healthcare System

Princeton, New Jersey – September 2, 2009 — Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc. (RPI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited (RLL), Gurgaon, India, announced an agreement with Validus Pharmaceuticals LLC (Validus) to market and distribute an authorized generic version of Rocaltrol® (calcitriol) in both softgel capsules and an oral liquid formulation. Overall market sales for calcitriol softgel capsules and oral liquid were $70 million (IMS – MAT: June 2009).

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Fontus Pharmaceuticals Acquires Nephrology And Endocrinology Drug From Roche Laboratories


Fontus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on nephrology and endocrinology, announced recently that it has acquired ROCALTROL (calcitriol) from Roche Laboratories Inc. ROCALTROL is a vitamin D analog prescribed by nephrologists for the management of hyperparathyroidism and resultant metabolic bone disease in patients with moderate to severe chronic renal failure (CRF) and by endocrinologists for the management of hypocalcemia in patients with post-surgical hypoparathyroidism, idiopathic hypoparathyroidism and pseudohypoparathyroidism.

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Equetro Acquisition


Validus Pharmaceuticals LLC Expands Product Portfolio with Acquisition of Bipolar Drug: Equetro®

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Validus Pharmaceuticals LLC announced today that it has acquired the unique Bipolar Disorder treatment, Equetro® (carbamazepine) extended release capsules, from Shire plc. EQUETRO® is a treatment for the acute manic and mixed episodes associated with Bipolar-1 Disorder — a condition where patients experience extended periods of exaggerated highs in addition to the extended lows commonly associated with Bipolar Disorder. Equetro’s patented advanced drug delivery technology also provides patients with the convenience of twice-daily dosing.

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Marplan Acquisition


Validus Pharmaceuticals LLC Announces Acquisition of Marplan® (isocarboxazid), a Highly Effective Therapy for Treatment-Resistant

PARSIPPANY, N.J., May 14 /PRNewswire/ — Validus Pharmaceuticals LLC has acquired Marplan® (isocarboxazid) from Oxford Pharmaceuticals. Marplan® is a highly effective MAOI drug for patients who suffer the enduring and debilitating symptoms of depression and have not responded to other antidepressant drugs. Marplan® works differently than commonly-known ‘SSRI drugs’ because it directly blocks the action of an enzyme called monoamine oxidase. Marplan®, which was first introduced by Roche Pharmaceuticals in the early 1960’s, has an established history of safety and efficacy. Validus has acquired Marplan® and will keep this important antidepressant available on the market for the thousands of patients and doctors who rely on its efficacy to control difficult-to-treat depression.

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