Teamwork at Validus: Where the creativity of the individual and the power of the team make a powerful synergy.

The hallmark of specialty pharmaceutical companies is their ability to produce and market very high quality products through a lean and highly empowered organization.

At Validus Pharmaceuticals, we take that competitive advantage to the next level—by challenging our employees to be individual innovators, and to propose strategies and tactics requiring a level of coordination that might confound larger organizations.

Our lack of multiple management layers creates a work environment where the people who come up with an idea actually get to implement that idea without inordinate levels of sign-offs and delays. After the thorough vetting of their new idea by a single central coordination team, an innovative executive is simply empowered to get the job done.

If these cultural imperatives appeal to you, then we encourage you to contact us and learn more about our streamlined approach to business and our innovative spirit.

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