Validus Pharmaceuticals Deploys Veeva iRep to US Salesforce


New iPad CRM Solution Opens Doors with Physicians

PLEASANTON, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Validus has joined the pharmaceutical iPad revolution by deploying iRep from Veeva Systems to their US sales teams. The organization, which acquires, reformulates, and markets prescription products relevant to the psychiatry market, had been using a CRM system that ran on PDAs and could not accurately report on all sales activity data. In just five weeks, iRep was deployed to a fully trained staff that reports that the ease of use has them hooked. More importantly, sales reps have reported that walking into a physician’s office with an iPad for information sharing is piquing interest with doctors.

Richard Post, vice president sales and marketing at Validus, stated, “We’re seeing that with iRep running on the iPad, doctors are willing to listen to the message and interact more. In several cases, we’ve even seen that they are more easily opening their doors.”

“It may sound corny, but iRep is doing everything we want it to do and then some.”

Validus’ search for a solution that would accurately report against call activity data, was quick and painless for reps to use, and could operate whether or not there was an available internet connection led them to iRep. The screens on the PDA devices they were previously using were very small, which made it difficult for physicians when signing for samples. iRep is built natively to run on the iPad and takes advantage of the large, high quality display.

“We expect the efficiency of sample ordering to increase,” added Post. “And being able to more easily capture information such as calls per day, reach and frequency, and response to marketing messages will give us the exact information we need to be more effective.” Validus is also using the Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) functionality in iRep to display detail aids electronically.

“The results of the Validus deployment of iRep provide additional proof that the iPad is the right device for today’s pharmaceutical representative,” explained Paul Shawah, vice president of multichannel strategy at Veeva Systems.

“It’s a dream come true,” concluded Post. “It may sound corny, but iRep is doing everything we want it to do and then some.”

About Veeva iRep

iRep is the first integrated Pharma CRM and CLM solution designed for the Apple iPad. Veeva completely redesigned its market leading, cloud-based Pharma CRM application to leverage many strengths of the Apple iPad, such as the ‘instant on’ feature, increased battery life, and improved usability. Built-in closed loop marketing functionality also enables iRep users to leverage the iPad’s renowned beautiful presentation of multimedia content while seamlessly aligning sales and marketing strategies.

About Veeva Systems

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