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Validus is focused on acquiring, reformulating, and marketing prescription products in specialty therapeutic areas. Our business is based on acquisition of established products that are FDA-approved and satisfy unmet clinical needs.

Press Releases

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    Validus Pharmaceuticals Now Exclusively Marketing Six Established U.S. Product Lines Purchased from a Leading Healthcare Company

    Validus Pharmaceuticals together with Wood Creek Capital Management, LLC announced today the acquisition of the U.S. rights to six well-known product lines from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC).

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    Validus Pharmaceuticals Deploys Veeva iRep to US Salesforce

    Validus has joined the pharmaceutical iPad revolution by deploying iRep from Veeva Systems to their US sales teams. The organization, which acquires, reformulates, and markets prescription products relevant to the psychiatry market, had been using a CRM system that ran on PDAs and could not accurately report on all sales activity data.